Our Approach

i2i Practical Communications supports effective organizational communication at the team, function and program level. 

Team, project and program communication can often get lost between over-engineered corporate communication and over-generic all-employee messaging.  i2i Practical Communications puts the focus on business communications that shape how people see things so they are better able to influence business performance.

Every business situation is different and complex – the i2i approach starts with discovering where more clarity is needed, and addressing those gaps.  Getting this right is more about people than messages, more about perception than documents.

Having led communication teams and projects within departments and at Head-Office level, I’m aware that the nuances and challenges of communications get more difficult when situations involve more people and get more complex.

The i2i approach uses simplicity with the 80/20 rule, and is guided by these principles:  less is more; people need a compelling purpose; authenticity wins the heart.

Lindsay Uittenbogaard

i2i Practical Communications is an experienced, common-sense, results oriented implementation agency that helps leaders navigate these issues and align with their team and stakeholders so their teams can be more effective.