About Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a proprietary Organizational Effectiveness process that accelerates employee alignment for improved performance, team by team.  The process is rapid, practical, immediate, actionable, structured, repeatable and measurable.

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The Mirror Mirror process helps people in organizations get the shared and actionable clarity needed to rapidly adopt change, implement strategy, innovate, and improve performance.

It is applicable to any team in any situation, complements any L&D or OD strategies in place, and language in the process can be customised. Case studies show excellent, long-lasting results in the reported levels of clarity, alignment and preparedness to move forward.

Where it most adds value

Mirror Mirror can involve teams of any size and is best used with new teams, virtual teams, and teams in change.

How it works

Mirror Mirror has a three-step process:

  1. Guided 1-1 anonymous interviews capture how employees perceive their work as relevant to the success of their team.
  2. The data between participants is compared to show the alignment gaps and opportunities using proprietary software and visualization graphics that are easy to read and understand.
  3. The results are reflected to the participants in a facilitated workshop for discussion.

How long it takes

The Mirror Mirror interview and assessments take approximately 2-3 hours per participant and the results can be delivered within 1-3 weeks, based on team size and participant availability. The subsequent team workshop / dialogue based on these results are could be managed within a half or whole day.


Mirror Mirror Outcomes

  • Improves quality of decisions and subsequent actions, leading to increased effectiveness, innovation, and performance
  • Creates a more open, respectful and inclusive communications culture, bringing in the employee voice
  • Generates rich feedback for the wider organization
  • Builds engagement competence in leaders through action learning
  • Removes cost when used across the organization by replacing indiscriminate use of other existing, disconnected ‘people’ tools.


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